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They are going to cast you. Or, they are not going to cast YOU.

June 12, 2013

There is so much I wish I had been told by many, many supportive and well-meaning folks along the way. Not just in the acting business, but in life as well. So much good information out there just doesn’t get published. I think, perhaps, that a lot of it stems from the concept that people are taught how to think, instead of how to see – which then leads to ‘a new way of thinking’. People know how to think already. For the most part, we are all given an excellent computer-brain, which given the right information, can come to some very fine conclusions indeed.

In my book, The Art of Instruction -The Ten Laws of Teaching, this is one of the themes. On the whole, we live in a time and place where education is really targeted at those who already think the specific way the text is written (this makes them readily identifiable.) These books often don’t provide the information the mind needs to succeed,  but rather attempts to lead us to conclusions that the writer wants us to accept – in order to teach us ‘how to reason’ .

There are really two kinds of thinkers -the  specific and the general. Specific thinkers go from front to back, while general thinkers go from back to front. Give a specific thinker a text book, and he will reach the conclusions the book wants him to, as he proceeds linearly through the book – identifying himself as ‘one who thinks like the writer of the text’.  This gives the illusion that the student is “learning how to reason” – when in fact, this student already processes thought in the way the textbook ‘thinks’.

Give a general thinker a text book and she will reach any number of conclusions, many unintended by the writer of the text. But,  give the general thinker the teacher’s book – the one with the red and black highlights, the one with the answers in it – and the general thinker will learn by taking the answer and breaking it down into its components (much like a watchmaker), producing two things: a) a solution to the specific problem through the linear processes of observation, deduction, elimination, imitation and repetition  – for this is how she already thinks;  and b) the wide application of this new information into the non-linear matrix that is the general thinker’s mind. The general thinker does not reason, she intuits processes and proves them true in constructive re-assimilation.

What has this to do with auditioning?

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