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About the New Book

October 7, 2013


In my new book, I have compiled hundreds of powerful tools – and bona fide discoveries – to bring to your acting work a professional credibility and an artistic veracity that is very difficult to attain under normal circumstances. Simply put, I call this book a “companion” because this is precisely what it will be for you!

In case you may not have time to go to to see what’s in my new book COMPREHENSIVE CONTEMPORARY ACTING, (a 21st Century companion for Actors, Directors and Writers in Stage, Television and Film ) – here is just a few SAMPLES of what you will find, that are not in any other book on acting :

*NEW! A detailed account of the 12 human behaviors – and how to act them *NEW! A glossary of over 300 externally-oriented act-ables -(a trans-formative gold mine)  *NEW! 15 essential and frequently-written acting components – and how to pull them off *NEW! 23 behavioral duality models – (a gold mine for actors, directors and writers) *NEW! The 7 types of Love Scenes: how to see them, how to define them – and how to act them + a flow chart to track them throughout a scene!

And there’s more. 

*NEW! Behavioral secrets for handling highly emotional scenes – especially for camera! *NEW! A new model for Spontaneity in the work (and no more craziness). *OLD! Re-discovered 16th Century insights by Kabuki masters for analyzing given circumstances*NEW!Continually applied modern and up-to-date Dramatic Theory  *NEW! Literally hundreds of new practice points (a gold mine for teachers as well *OLD! Dozens of quotations and valuable insights by ancient and modern masters  *NEW! Bullet points and chapter reviews throughout the book! 

I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the usable, proven-to-work material in the book. I think you will find it a real value to you (or anyone in the dramatic arts and film and communication arts) and an important element – going forward – in your work and in your career. Here’s the link below!

Thank you for your time!

Very Best

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